STARA Street Watch

Good afternoon all

This is to advise you that we are now in the position to start the process of recruiting and establishing our own Street Watch scheme organised through West Midlands Police and led locally by Sgt Tom O’Keeffe. 

Stuart Howarth has kindly agreed to act as our co-ordinator and has been briefed by WMP. Stuart will shortly be inviting people to volunteer, so this e mail is to ask you to start thinking about whether you will be able to volunteer. There are a lot of such schemes across the country see:

The aims are clearly to deter criminals by holding regular patrols of 3-4 people but varying the timings. A key aspect is the requirement to feedback information of potential interest to WMP through Stuart using a web based facility. This is all part of helping our local Police to build up a picture of what is going on in the area. This is not a massive time commitment  – possibly around 2 hours per month but it about seizing an opportunity to help our own community, to enhance safety and to offer additional levels of security to all. May I ask you to think seriously about doing your bit. Please feel free to speak with Stuart or I about the proposed scheme.  

This is a serious matter and there are clearly defined protocols of what we are allowed to do and not. Training is included and backed by the need for Insurance through WMP. As you would expect potential volunteers need to go through a Police vetting process initiate by completing a simple questionnaire. We are in with a good chance of being awarded some funds to purchase high vis jackets and beam torches as a result of our application through the Proceeds of Crime Fund

If you have neighbours who are not members and therefore not included in this STARA distribution, but who you think would like to be involved, please pass on this e-mail and encourage then to engage.  

I trust we will secure a robust response to Stuart’s forthcoming invitation; those of us who can need to do our bit!



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