St Agnes Residents Association

The St Agnes Residents Association is a vibrant group of neighbours that formed over 20 years ago.

In simple terms, the Association exists to support each other, to protect and enhance the local area and to represent its interests to key bodies including Birmingham City Council, West Midlands Police and other allied community groups around Moseley.

We welcome members from homes in St Agnes, Dyott and the adjacent part of Oxford Roads as well St Agnes Close along with Avon and Mulberry Drives. All are invited to join: home ownership is not a requirement.

Our key activities centre around maintaining this area in line with the requirements of living within a Conservation area but also ensuring that we retain those aspects that attracted people namely the style and quality of housing, community support and the very mixed range of Moseley residents.

In reality, this means that we are involved in engaging with Planning Applications for houses, supporting members who are seeking to make changes to their homes, security issues within the area and at a more immediate level supporting individual neighbours with any issues or problems to which we can offer help. We liaise closely with allied groups including the Moseley Society, Moseley Bog, the Moseley Forum, Moseley in Bloom and the nearby Ashfield Cricket club together with the Windermere Road Playing Fields group.

We have completed a range of projects that have served to enhance the area including gates and lights for St Agnes Church, a much-loved bench, a fine Display board and ensuring that we have hanging baskets in the Summer.

We meet twice a year and hold a Garden Party which is always well attended and allows new neighbours to be warmly welcomed.

We are a friendly and supportive group but we also draw upon the professional expertise of members to ensure that we look after this area and our members. We are proud and respectful of this locality and do all we can to make it a safe, secure and pleasant area in which to live

Please do join in with us!